Growing a Greener Tomorrow: Ethical Tree's Care for Xfinity Center Trees

Ethical Tree has been entrusted with the arboricultural stewardship of all trees located within the Xfinity Center grounds. Since the commencement of our partnership in 2022, we have diligently undertaken the responsibility for their arboricultural requirements.

In 2023, we executed a significant arboricultural intervention, entailing the removal of ailing Ash trees along the primary entrance. 

Regrettably, the entire population of Ash trees had succumbed to the devastating infestation of Ash borers, rendering their continued existence untenable.

Subsequently, we professionally removed 30 of these compromised Ash trees and, in their stead, introduced 17 new trees of diverse species. This deliberate reduction in tree density was orchestrated to create optimal conditions for their growth and maturation, allowing them the necessary space to flourish in the years ahead.

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