Leland Wild

The Leland Wild Foundation manages a private conservation property accessible to the public, and in 2023, Ethical Tree Services undertook two significant projects on this pristine conservation land.

Grapevine Project

The first project involved the construction of grapevine trellises in areas throughout the property where existing grapevines had taken root along the wooded perimeters. These areas were meticulously cleared of invasive species, followed by the installation of grapevine trellises and the application of fresh wood chips to the ground, serving to discourage the proliferation of unwanted scrub growth.

Leland invasives

The second project focused on the removal of invasive vines, such as bittersweet, which had encroached on many sections of the wooded borders, posing a threat to the well-being of healthy trees and plants. A comprehensive initiative was taken to eradicate these invasive species, complemented by the placement of over 100 yards of fresh wood chips on the woodland floor, acting as a deterrent to potential regrowth.

Leland invasives



In addition to these vital conservation efforts, 19 new trees, encompassing various deciduous and conifer species, were thoughtfully planted within vacant areas along the woodland’s edge, augmenting the ecological richness and vitality of this remarkable landscape.

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