Commercial Tree Services

Ethical Tree Services is dedicated to ensuring the safety and aesthetics of commercial properties through our comprehensive range of expert tree care services. With a strong emphasis on safety, we offer professional pruning and maintenance, secure removals and takedowns, installation of tree support and lightning protection systems to safeguard your premises, prompt response to storm damage emergencies, precise stump grinding and excavation, and specialized plant and soil healthcare solutions. We prioritize the well-being of both your property and those who frequent it.


At Ethical Tree Services, we provide a wide range of expert tree care services, including crown reduction, deadwood removal, and structural pruning, all aimed at preserving your trees’ long-term health and vitality. Our dedicated team offers ongoing monitoring and care to ensure the well-being of your tree canopy.


We offer expert guidance and execution for essential tree removals, whether for diseased trees, risk reduction, or landscape redesign. Our seasoned professionals conduct thorough assessments and work closely with you to understand your objectives, exploring alternatives whenever possible to align with your goals and ensure a seamless removal process that meets your specific requirements and preferences.


We excels in addressing improper structural formations in trees through strategic pruning and supplemental support systems. These proactive measures enhance tree structure, reduce the risk of instability, and preserve tree value. Additionally, we provide cost-effective solutions to mitigate lightning-related risks, protecting your trees from potential damage and ensuring their longevity in your landscape.


Our proactive tree care approach includes free tree risk assessments to prevent storm damage. In case of emergencies, we provide 24/7 services to minimize damage and protect your trees, property, and peace of mind. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


We recognize the importance of stump grinding in achieving various property goals, from aesthetics to safety. We offer comprehensive stump removal services, including stump excavation if needed, to ensure your property remains beautiful and functional, tailored to the scale and requirements of your project.


We recognize the fundamental role of soil in plant health. Our comprehensive soil testing services assess soil structure and chemistry, enabling tailored solutions to optimize soil conditions. We also provide essential services like tilling and soil overburden removal to prevent tree health risks caused by soil buildup, ensuring the long-term vitality and beauty of your landscape.

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